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Harmony & Nurture


Harmony Department 


These departments consists of:

Four nurture classes for pupils that require additional support.

Four specialist classes for pupils with profound and multiple learning difficulties.


Staff are committed to providing the best possible education for all the pupils. They are passionate about providing pupils with meaningful and challenging learning experiences that promote their development and independence. There is a wide range of expertise throughout the department, from the highly skilled teachers and classroom assistants to a range of support teams offering therapies, including: music, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and communication support.


Nurture classes


The nurture classes provide a supportive, engaging and positive learning environment for pupils that have additional needs related to autistic spectrum disorder/ challenging behaviour/ ADHD/ sensory impairment/ complex medical difficulties.


Each class has a small number of pupils with a high staff pupil ratio, to provide the pupils with the additional support and high intensity programme which they require. There are many opportunities provided for pupils that require more structure and support to help them manage and cope with day to day situations.


The classes follow a differentiated curriculum that is tailored to suit each pupil’s individualised learning needs. There is a strong focus on functional literacy and numeracy together with programmes in social and life skills. 


Specilaist classes


Learners with profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) have complex learning needs. In addition to their severe learning difficulties, they may have other significant difficulties, such as physical disabilities, sensory impairment or a severe medical condition.

In the three PMLD classes staff care for and teach the pupils using a nurturing, holistic and child-centred approach. Staff are highly trained in attending to the students’ personal and medical needs.

Pupils have access to a carefully planned, highly differentiated and well resourced curriculum which is divided into four areas of learning:

Communication and language

Personal and social development

Cognition and thinking

Physical development

The Curriculum is delivered through activities such as the Sensology workout, sensory stories, massage, TacPac, parachute activities, object exploration and object permanence, and use of technologies such as iPads, floor projectors and switches. Teaching and learning is delivered at the right pace through all the senses. Every moment, situation and environment is regarded as a learning opportunity for the pupils.

Teaching staff of Department

.Miss Julie Reid - Class Harmony 1

Mrs Seaneen Moreland/ Ms Eden McRoberts - Class Harmony 2

Miss Jenny McAuley - Class Harmony 4

Miss Rachel Jess/ Mrs Katherine Dickson - Harmony 3

Mrs Pippa Lennon - Class Nurture 1

Mrs Lisa Bowes/ Ms Grainne O'Dowd - Class Nurture 2

Mrs Lynsey Curran - Class Nurture 3

Mr Paul Devine - Class Nurture 4