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Key Stage 1 & 2 


Middle department – KS1 & KS2 Overview 

Middle department consists of 6 classes ranging from Primary 3 to Primary 7. Pupils are welcomed into Primary 3 from the foundation department in a way that ensures a smooth transition from the early years play curriculum to the KS1 & KS2 curriculum. In the department there is 43 pupils, 6 Teachers and 17 Classroom Assistants.  

All 6 areas of learning in the N. Ireland curriculum are met: Language& Literacy, Mathematics and Numeracy, The Arts, The World Around Us, Physical Education, Religious Education and Personal Development and Mutual Understanding. The KS1 curriculum promotes learning through play based, practical activities in a way that is individually tailored to each pupil. In KS2 the expectations develop and progress accordingly depending upon child needs and capabilities. There is a continuation of active learning and activity based learning throughout. Teaching and Learning is fun and the primary aim is always the happiness of the child/young person.  

In middle department we work hard to ensure the promotion of Independence skills, sometimes stepping back, letting the pupils explore, investigate, make mistakes and ultimately achieve things for themselves with decreasing adult support as appropriate. Pupils have the opportunity to try new things such as horse riding, swimming, shopping in Tesco and dining in a café. Pupils are given responsibility for jobs around school with the hope that in later life they can achieve job skills outside of school. We work in close collaboration with therapists, allied professionals and parents to ensure the best possible provision for the pupils.

AS a staff team, we strive to work within a set of shared values supporting each-other, working collaboratively, creatively and inclusively to best meet the needs of each pupil that passes through this stage.

.Teaching Staff of Department

Ms Emily Thompson - Class M1

Miss Beth Ravey - Class M2

Mrs Megan Osbourne - Class M3

Miss Lindsay France - Class M4

Miss Megan Page - Class M5