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Hairview is Parkview School’s hairdressing enterprise. This is an Extended Schools initiative and is run by our two Salon Managers Ms Kate Mc Court and Mrs Ann Denise Kane. Pupils across all key stages of the school have regular access to the Salon and all its facilities.
A visit to a hair salon can be a stressful experience for some pupils with sensory needs. At Hairview we ensure all sensory components are given careful consideration.  We have created a desensitisation programme designed to reduce feelings of anxiety and confusion. This is a service not currently available anywhere else making Hairview Salon one of a kind throughout the special sector.

Our desensitisation programme includes:

Role Play (pretending to cut the hair of a doll)
Allowing pupils to watch a haircut on video before his/her haircut
Appropriate lighting
Social Stories
Visual Support (timers for start and finish, tick charts)
Use of stimulus during a haircut (toys, iPad, television)
Due consideration of sensitivity to loud noises (use of headphones)

Each pupil’s individual needs are catered for to make the experience realistic, comfortable and enjoyable. This ensures pupils are able to have their hair cut and/or styled in a welcoming, familiar and highly supportive environment.

There is a small charge of £4 per haircut which helps towards the running costs of the salon.

Each year a number of EEC pupils carry out work experience at Hairview. This helps them to obtain valuable skills in learning for life and work. Pupils are also afforded the opportunity to progress their skills in Numeracy, Communication, Organisation and Health and Safety. This allows them to build up their confidence and achieve their full potential. Pupils continuously take ownership of their learning experiences and thrive on their successes and achievements.

Work experience tasks include:

Introduction and tour of the salon

Health and Safety

Job description and dress code

Introduction of products and equipment

Learn about reception duties including making appointments

Learn how to prep the client and ensure comfort

Complete evaluations of clients needs

Complete evaluation of clients needs

Complete cleaning duties

Learn about different products

Complete salon prep work

Learn about different hairstyles

Learn about types of facial hair

Assist hairdresser

Learn how to wash hair

Learn how to blow dry hair.


The Salon will be open from 1.00-3.00pm on a Tuesday